Amper Security Incorporated is based in Dallas, Texas.

Our management team has extensive security industry expertise, operational experience and a proven track record in customer and employee satisfaction.

Our HUB Vendor Number is 481185

Thank you for visiting the Amper Security website and the opportunity to share our story with you. Amper Security is a full service security staffing firm based in Dallas, Texas. We have extensive security industry expertise and operational experience. Our mission is to develop mutually rewarding relationships with our employees, customers, and partners. Our business activities are conducted to the highest moral and professional standards. We offer our clients carefully selected, courteous and professionally trained staff that is responsive to the needs of our clients. Amper Security Incorporated has a corporate commitment to excellence, operational flexibility and competitive pricing, making us an attractive partner for companies and institutions throughout the state of Texas.


Amper Security

Brief History of the Chairman

23 years of public safety and security service
Criminal Justice Professor
Master’s Degree in Professional Development
Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice
Medal of Valor recipient, State of Texas
State of Texas Proclamation, Governor’s office
Purple Heart recipient

Integrity- “Honesty, efficiency and reliability is how we manage our operations, finances and services”

Safety- “We operate safely to protect our employees, customers, infrastructure, and equipment”

Innovation- “We inspire and invent to improve how we work and live”